About Us

Pesticide Action Network
At Pesticide Action Network (PAN) we know one thing: Pesticides are the linchpin of industrialized agriculture.

Their mass introduction into farming 70 years ago, along with petrochemically-derived fertilizers, set U.S. farming down a costly and unsustainable path. Along the way, community-scale farming was nearly destroyed, generations have suffered ill health ranging from cancer to autism and Parkinson’s, biodiversity has taken big hits, and the six mega-corporations who dominate the pesticide industry have gotten very rich and very powerful.

PAN promotes the elimination of highly hazardous pesticides and offers solutions that protect people and the environmentPAN works to loosen the pesticide industry’s control over global agriculture by holding accountable governmental bodies that are charged with regulating pesticides. We’ve been in this struggle for more than 27 years, across six continents–and we have never been more confident than we are today that real, global food system reform is possible.

Grassroots Science
Our point of view is defined largely by two sets of commitments: to farmers and farm workers on the front lines, and to honest science on the ground. PAN’s “grassroots science” approach translates to our experts working out in the fields with affected communities, documenting how pesticides persist in human bodies and the environment for decades, often far from where they’re originally applied.

Networking Gone Global
Pesticide Action Network takes the “Network” part of our name seriously–we collaborate with no fewer than 600 partner organizations, many of which are small community groups in some 90 countries. We do the science and organize behind the scenes. We build partnerships to ensure that the voices of affected communities are up front. And we believe in this winning formula:
sound science + people telling their own stories = unimpeachable truth.
This combination of independent, verifiable science and network-based organizing has yielded results. Since our founding in 1982, we’ve helped lead the movement that initiated and won ratification of the main international treaties responsible for regulating trade in highly hazardous and persistent pesticides.

A Future Harvest
Great change is clearly afoot and you can be a part of it. There has never been a better time to help farmers around the world regain control of food production, and force big, corporate agriculture to kick its bad habits.

Join with PAN to harvest a future free of poisonous pesticides that harm our bodies, and our planet.


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